Awakening - How America Can Turn From Economic And Moral Destruction To Greatness - Ralph Reed


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“I have written this book to encourage those of us who worry that America has lost its way…”

We live in a country with an overpowering government that taxes too much and spends more than it takes in. A country where traditional marriage is in decline, while drug use, pornography, and human trafficking are on the rise. A country where four out of ten children are born out of wedlock and the IRS harasses Christian organizations.

Is there any hope?

Ralph Reed believes there is. He argues this downward spiral can be reversed and America can be restored to greatness. But it will require a spiritual awakening in our homes, houses of worship, and individual lives. Only then will our politics be healed of cynicism and partisanship and our leaders be worthy again of our trust.

In Awakening, Reed provides practical steps and a bold plan that will restore America to greatness. Find out how you can be part of the awakening that will re-energize Americans to effective citizenship.